Experts Since 1978

For nearly four decades, ESI continues to prove why we are called the Steam & Power Special Forces.

ESI started in 1978 in Chattanooga, TN. We originally started with some small construction contracts to erect tri-fuel boilers in the Carolinas. Local legend has it that ESI’s first office was in the back of a canoe shop and consisted of a drafting table and desk.

With the expertise of a handful of young field and start-up engineers hired away from other companies, ESI not only successfully completed the boiler installations but began to execute additional scope of work for the facility utilities. Starting with wood-fired boilers, moving into air quality control systems, adding power generation, material handling, water treatment and other utility auxiliary systems. ESI has grown its portfolio to include the entire utility island.

Why “of Tennessee”? We originally registered to do business in the southeastern part of the US while still located in Chattanooga, TN. As we grew and started to do work throughout North America, we discovered dozens of variations of ESI but only one ESI Inc. of Tennessee. By the time we moved our headquarters to Atlanta, GA in the mid 1980’s, we were entrenched in projects all over the US. As ESI grew, staying in Atlanta seemed like a smart decision with the booming Atlanta airport and opportunities to recruit from GA TECH. So, we decided to keep the name since we were already gaining a reputation under that brand.

During the 1990’s, ESI continued to grow from a few dozen employees to nearly 100. Our projects and customers continued to grow and we started winning awards for our designs and innovations. As we crossed into the 21st century, we developed our vision to become the Special Forces of steam and power. Over the last 15 years, we have continuously pursued living up to that mantra and have countless success stories to prove it

As we move forward, we want to carry on the momentum of those who grew the company and relentlessly pursue excellence. We did not blindly set our goals. We studied the people who were responsible for our company success, and wish to instill that pride and drive in in current and future employees.

From our small beginning, ESI has successfully executed hundreds of projects over the last three decades utilizing a wide variety of fuels, a number of emerging technologies, and several first-of-a-kind facilities. The energy sector is cyclical, so as we head back towards our roots in natural gas and oil-fired facilities, we continue to look for biomass, opportunity fuel, and other unique opportunities to bring our engineering acumen to bear. The US Military Special Forces never stops moving. Neither shall we.