Purchasing Approach

As steam and power system integrators, ESI purchases all specialty materials and equipment directly from the source of manufacture. Unlike our competitors who typically purchase packaged systems, ESI is able to add value by avoiding double mark-up on equipment purchases and pass those savings on to our customers. This also allows us to better control system performance and achieve system guarantees through better integration of the whole.

For example, instead of purchasing a solid fuel-fired boiler system from inlet chute to stack from a boiler manufacturer, ESI typically only purchases drums, tubes, and casing from the boiler manufacturer. We then purchase our own economizer, air heater, fans, firing equipment, ducts and breeching, trim, and support steel directly from the source of manufacture.

ESI obtains performance guarantees from each individual equipment manufacturer. We then wrap all these guarantees together to offer our client a single source performance guarantee. Because steam and power is all we do, ESI is able to get favorable OEM pricing from many of the industry leaders in the manufacturing of steam and power equipment. Again, these savings are passed to the customer.

ESI purchases equipment from virtually every major manufacturer. We have no alliance to a particular vendor for a particular application. Since we have no contractual ties to equipment suppliers, we are able to select the best equipment and technology for the application. This provides the customer with the highest quality facility for the best price.