Meet the Team

ESI is proud to be a diverse and well rounded team. We have associates from some of the world’s largest universities to the smallest technical schools. Our team has members with distinguished military service. And perhaps most importantly we are made up of associates from various skill, trade, and craft backgrounds. These are the people who help us succeed.

GATECH (keller, frost, garrett, lassetter, anna ward, ryan, blackburn, sewell) Florida Atlantic (spitz) University of West Georiga (wilson)  USCG (kilpatrick) USA (ward)  Clemson (fielder)
Univ of Akron (reeves) Univ of North Carolina (reeves) ITT Tech (lorich) SPSU (carroll)
Auburn (bean_pittman) Phoenix Inst Tech (richards) Phoenix (richards)  KCKCC (franklin)  Polytechnical Institute Romania (margineanu)  Alabama (duke)
SUNY (fred coleman) Kyiv National Polytechic Institute Ukraine (kogan) Golden Eagle with CTC text added v2 Pellissippi (gibbons)
 Evans Tech (linder)  North Metro Technical College (john ryan) Central Florida (spino)  Ventura (renaud)  Kennesaw State University (sommer_corn_noah debroux_desmond_johnson) Warner Robins (cunningham)
Miami (farias)  At&t (hinerman)  Embry Riddle (kluger) Hawaii (wesolowski)
 Buffalo State (wesolowski)  United Association Union 803 (michael johnson)  Illinois Technical College (shaw)  Iowa (nelson)  Wisconsin Lacrosse (johnson)  Atlantic Technical College (sterns)
 Gothenburg (larsson)  Jackson State (shambray)  Print  Schuylkill Tech Center (tom coleman)
 VA Tech (miller)  USMMA (hayes)  Print  USN (washington_hayes)