Although the majority of our work is EPC in nature, ESI has performed a wide variety of engineering-only contracts from simple preliminary engineering feasibility studies to total engineering responsibility for a complete steam and power generation facility.

Since ESI is predominantly an EPC design and construction company, our associates are accustomed to performing design and engineering with a real attention to cost, constructability, operating and maintenance access, and long-term operational reliability. The hands-on experience that our engineering staff routinely gets by performing field engineering, start-up, and operator training, is highly beneficial to our customers because it allows our engineering team to produce cost-effective, efficient, and functional engineering designs.

ESI can structure our engineering services to meet the client’s particular needs. This allows the client to be as involved as they want in the engineering and design process. In some instances, ESI has served in a capacity of augmenting the client’s staff in a way that our expertise fills a void they might have.