Design & Engineering Approach

When ESI performs the design and engineering for a project, we carefully research and select the appropriate equipment and meticulously design our projects as if we were designing and constructing our own facility using our own funds. This means high levels of project quality, integrity, and consistency as well as only incorporating features in the design for which we would be willing to purchase ourselves.

Within our ESI specialized teams, we have registered professional engineers in Architectural, Civil/Structural, Chemical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, and Mechanical Engineering. This is a major benefit for our client projects because all of our design engineering is done in-house under close supervision, including every aspect of the project from site work to final emissions compliance measuring equipment.

We also use the same engineers that design the systems to perform their initial start-up and operation. This ensures design sensitivity to the needs of operating and maintenance personnel, including items such as maintenance access or the location of control valves, transmitters, or other access-critical components.