Construction Approach

On each of our EPC projects, ESI serves as the general contractor, subcontracting as much as possible with local contractors in the project area. ESI’s design group prepares multiple, specific bid packages for each phase of construction. Since each design and engineering project is never the same, the specific bid package is totally customized per the exact specifications of the project. In this management scenario, we can truly act as the customer’s representative on the construction site, demanding high quality from our subcontractors. This construction execution methodology truly eliminates conflicts of interest generally associated with design/build.

We see construction management as a vital part of a total EPC solution. We purchase all of the specialty equipment, perform the design engineering, and place on-site experienced professionals who can manage the construction of a steam and power facility. We then recruit and utilize the very best skilled and productive crafts people in a given project area. ESI’s project execution approach is focused toward tapping an existing productive, strong local talent resource.

Our on-site field staff is augmented as required to maintain high quality installations by frequent visits from our project manager and engineering department members. These visits close the loop on the project by ensuring that the installation is being performed based on the intent of the design as well as providing valuable feedback on design features so improvements can be made on future projects.