Special Forces

What makes ESI the SPECIAL FORCES® of the steam and power industry and how does it benefit our clients?

The United States military special forces have long been known for their quick and precise execution of the most difficult missions using elite, carefully selected, and highly trained professionals. ESI has applied these same principles regarding careful selection and extensive training of elite professionals, precise execution, and efficient use of time as extraordinary benchmarks for quality and customer satisfaction. We are the Steam & Power SPECIAL FORCES®.

Mission Statement

To create the highest level of client and employee satisfaction while providing innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally-proven solutions to client needs.

We define a successful project by the following three criteria:

– Defining and exceeding customer expectations
– Executing to achieve the project budget
– Meeting or beating all project schedule milestones
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Company / Core Values

Every business has a distinct culture that is defined by the individuals that make up the whole. This company culture is defined by the core values that govern our behavior. The core values by which we measure all our efforts are:

Customer Focus
Personal Growth

ESI can only be successful through the empowerment of its associates to execute their job responsibilities to the best of their individual and collective ability. Following are the operating code of ethics and standards which we will follow:

– We will build personal relationships with our clients founded upon honesty and mutual respect and trust.

– We will preserve human dignity by conducting ourselves in a manner to afford respect and care for other associates, clients and vendors.

– We will only make commitments to an associate, client, or vendor that we intend to fulfill to the best of our ability.

– We will ensure that our work product and efforts conform with company standards and procedures.

– We will immediately seek confirmation, help and/or understanding when we are lacking proper experience, are unsure or confused.

– We will confirm rather than assume.

– We will never attempt to cover up. Instead, we will announce problems or mistakes immediately upon discovery so that we can mitigate impact by collectively attacking the problem with all the necessary resources and experience.

– We will utilize company and client resources in a manner consistent with the utilization of our own personal resources.

– We will never request or expect someone to do something that we are unwilling to do ourselves. Conversely, we are committed to do those things we request or expect of others.

– We only succeed or fail collectively as a team. Therefore, we will work as a team and pledge to do our part while encouraging and helping our fellow teammates who are struggling to get their part done.

– We will strive to make our work place a fun place to work.